Canal boat holidays and short break hire

Enjoy a family boating holiday aboard Narrowboat Savanna, an eight berth 61 ft canal boat based on the beautiful River Wey & Godalming Navigations in Surrey. Starting from Guildford, the boat is just over a day’s relaxed cruising to the River Thames, allowing narrow boating access to the whole of Britain’s canal network.

This narrowboat sleeps up to eight in separate sleeping areas/cabins, and is comfortably equipped with all you'll need for your canal holiday afloat - including a fully fitted kitchen, shower, 2 WCs and even a CD/DVD player! You can rent the boat for a short break over a weekend, or for a week or more for a longer narrowboat holiday afloat.

Whilst boating is usually seens as a summer activity, the autumn and spring are also wonderful times to cruise Southern England’s rivers; aside from the much reduced cost, the canals are much quieter enabling you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a narrowboating holiday to its full. There is also a surprising amount of wildlife on the waterways throughout the year. The canal boat is fitted with a full gas fired central heating system and there are radiators throughout the cabin. The cost of heating fuel is included within the rental prices detailed.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

On the subsequent pages on this site you'll find photos and a plan of the accommodation layout onboard the narrowboat as well as details of the facilities aboard to make your holiday or short break as relaxing as possible. There is also information on the River Wey and details of the River Thames and other parts of the canal network that are in easy reach of the boat's base in Guildford. Suggested routes and places to visit near the waterfront are also available.

You will also find details of our 2012 price list together with the very attractive discounts available to those able to take their holiday or short break during the Autumn or Spring months - the time when the river and canal network are at their queitest and most peaceful. The narrowboat has full gas-fired central heating, and fuel for both heating and cooking is included within the rental price. Unfortunately the boatyard is closed over the Christmas / New Year period.

Included in the Photo Gallary page are picutres of the canal boat on the Wey, Thames and the Oxford Canal.

We've also included a list of questions frequently asked by those new to narrowboating. If there's anyting further you'd like to know though, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail using the "Contact Us" page.

Venture on a canal boat trip in England

Britain is rich in navigable inland waterways. With more than 2,000 miles and displaying breath-taking landscapes in front of your eyes, it would be a shame not to venture on a canal boat. Spend several lazy days exploring the countryside in England, venture on the English canals and watch how the sunlight reflects off water. Bring your binoculars and camera and make sure you will capture the magical moments spent during your canal boat holiday.

Boating vacation nearby London

Choose between the fabulous navigable waterways within England and you will not get bored. Bring your family and children for a delightful experience and slow down, trying to savour each moment of your life. You will spend a few days together on a boat that will travel about 3-4 mph. You can stop where you want, admire the industrial-era heritage and have fun watching for birds.

Whether you hire a luxurious skipper or you opt for a steel narrowboat, this canal boat will be an adventure to remember. Take a trip from London to Runnymede and Windsor, charm your eyes with the unspoilt scenery and find your way into the regenerated heart of several cities. Drift along the canalway, stop to explore the wildlife nearby and feast with a hearthy English lunch when your stomach demands its rights.

Let the road of waterways slip you back in time, in a period where stress was not a part of our lives and we used to be more relaxed. Play interesting games with your children, try to guess what the people you pass by do for living and try to determine if they are a fisherman, an escort Paris from, a nurse or a mailman. Sail on clear waters, stop more or less, depending on what you wish to visit and find the treasures hidden all over Britain’s beautiful canals and rivers.

Cross the Pennines for an incredible trip on a narrowboat. The circular route would be a pinnacle of your achievement if you have some sailing experience and you drive your own boat. Enjoy a journey of 71 miles and pass by 197 locks. Feel the thrills of your adventure, knowing you navigate on the highest canal in Britain then climb and go caving with your boat on the Pennine Ring

Traffic is not an issue on waterways

Rent a Thames cruiser for a boating adventure with your best friends. You can opt for boats that are shorter and wider than narrowboats and which are a lot easier to control. Although you cannot enter London with your boat, you are allowed to visit the wonders within Windsor, Hampton Court, Oxford, Henley and numerous other charming places.

A canal boat trip is a wonderful way to relieve stress and recharge your batteries after a difficult time at work. Reconnect with your family members, find back your inner peace and take pleasure in the beauty of nature. Feel like a child again, playing with your own kids and enjoy the tiny pleasures in life. Explore the places within England on a canal boat vacation and have some fun!